How YouTube helped St. Louis chef Brian Lagerstrom reclaim the kitchen

“Oh! Yeah! It’s me! Your No. 1 taco boy.” Maybe this isn’t the way you’d expect a lauded chef to introduce an instructional video on how to produce the perfect barbacoa taco … but Brian Lagerstrom is no longer a typical chef. This scene comes from just one of dozens of videos posted on Weeds & Sardines, the rapidly growing YouTube channel he co-produces with his spouse Lauren Adermann.

Yellowbelly brings modern, tropical tiki flavors to St. Louis

Tiki is fundamentally extra, and that’s why we love her. But she’s growing up, and we’re not mad about that, either. The popularity of tropical spirits and flavors has given rise to a class of clean, stirred cocktails that belong in a rocks glass but have the heart of an appropriated Polynesian idol. Bars like Navy Strength in Seattle and Pacific Cocktail Haven in San Francisco are now joined by our own Yellowbelly, opening this month in the Central West End.
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